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  • Entreprise Française. Depuis 1996.
  • Franco de port à parir de 800 €
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LECTROSONICS ZS-LR/HMa -Kit HMa/E01 émetteur plug-on , récept LR, 2x cables sortie & sabot hot shoe

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Lectrosonics en video, Academy Award 2017

Lectrosonics, Visite d'usine

Sur Devis, info@jbkaudioshop.com

Catalogue Général Lectrosonics (9,9 Mo).

Digital Hybrid = PAS DE COMPANDER

Bandes de fréquences :

Block A1 - 470.100 to 537.575 MHz (ch 21 to 29)

Block B1 - 537.600 to 614.375 MHz (ch 29 to 39)

Block C1 - 614.400 to 691.175 MHz (ch 39 to 48)

The ZS-LR/HMa kit makes it easy on the job. Everything you need together in one kit: a HMa plug-on transmitter, LR receiver, 2x output cables, camera hot-shoe mount and carrying case. Even batteries are included. The L-Series units feature machined aluminum housings, user-friendly setup and reliable operation.


This unique plug-on transmitter design will ideally match any microphone or line level source via a standard XLR connector. Phantom power is selectable at 5, 15 and 48 volts, or can be turned off for use with dynamic microphones and line level signal sources.

The design includes a wide tuning range of up to 76MHz, with tuning steps in increments of 100kHz or 25kHz for up to 3072 frequencies. The tuning range covers three standard 25.6MHz Lectrosonics frequency blocks. Each of the standard blocks includes 256 different pilot tone frequencies for compatibility with all "Digital Hybrid Wireless" receivers.

DSP compatibility modes are also included to work with legacy Lectrosonics analog wireless microphone receivers and IFB receivers, as well as some receivers from other manufacturers.


Excellent performance in a small package for ENG and DSLR video production is the purpose and intent of the LR receiver design.

Tracking front-end filters block interference from high powered RF signals on nearby channels to preserve the extended operating range. RF spectrum scanning displays accurate results on the LCD to make finding clear spectrum quick and easy.

The receiver is powered by internal AA batteries or with an optional battery eliminator and the top panel includes an IR port for transmitter setup. Firmware updates are enabled via a USB port on the side panel.



  • • Tunes over a 75MHz range
  • • Tracking front-end filters
  • • Compact size powered by two AA batteries or an battery eliminator
  • • LCD with RF spectrum scanning
  • • SmartSquelch noiseless muting adapts automatically for near/far operation
  • • DSP-based pilot tone for squelch control
  • • USB port for firmware updates
  • • IR sync port for transmitter setup


  • • "Digital Hybrid Wireless" technology
  • • Membrane switch control panel with LCD display
  • • Converts microphones with XLR jacks to wireless operation
  • • Selectable 5, 18 and 48 volt phantom power plus off position for dynamic microphones
  • • Adjustable low frequency roll-off
  • • Powered by two AA batteries
  • • 256 synthesized UHF frequencies
  • • 50mW output power
  • • Rugged machined aluminum housing


  • • Camera shoe mount for LR receiver


  • • TA3F to XLR3M cable, 30cm.
  • • TA3F to 3.5mm TRS male, 50cm.
  • • A soft sided, padded and zippered carrying case for the wireless systems and accessories.