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  • Entreprise Française. Depuis 1996.
  • Franco de port à partir de 3000 €
  • Nous contacter : +33 (0) 2 33 59 51 75
  • Tous les prix sont H.T.

Lectrosonics SRc5P Récepteur Deux Canaux Diversity, Montage Slot, 75MHz, adapt Arr en option.

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Lectrosonics en video, Academy Award 2017

Lectrosonics, Visite d'usine

Sur Devis, info@jbkaudioshop.com

Catalogue Général Lectrosonics (9,9 Mo).

SRc5P Récepteur Deux Canaux Diversity

Digital Hybrid = PAS DE COMPANDER

Bandes de fréquences disponibles à spécifier à la commande.

  1. Block A1 - 470.100 to 537.575 MHz (ch 21 to 29)
  2. Block B1 - 537.600 to 614.375 MHz (ch 29 to 39)
  3. Block C1 - 614.400 to 691.175 MHz (ch 39 to 48)

Récepteur Portable deux canaux, montage Slot sur caméras ou berceaux Duopack, Octopack.

  • Fits camera “slots,” Lectrosonics Duopack adapter and Octopack multicoupler, and operates stand-alone with various adapters
  • Tunes over a 75 MHz range* (3 blocks)
  • Dual receiver design for two channels with phase switched diversity or single channel with ratio diversity operation
  • Digital Hybrid Wireless® with compatibility modes for use with other transmitters
  • Tracking front-end filters for high performance in tough RF environments
  • LCD with RF spectrum scanning
  • SmartSquelchTM DSP-controlled, noise based filtering and squelch
  • DSP-based pilot tone for squelch control
  • IR sync port for quick transmitter setup (LMb, LT, HHa, HMa, & SSM)
  • SmartTune operation for quick and confident frequency selection

The SRc5P and SRc consists of two separate receivers built into a single, ultra compact housing with adapters for video camera receiver slots and for stand-alone use. Digital Hybrid Wireless® technology provides superb, compandor-free audio quality and compatibility with other wireless systems. The RF performance is extremely stable over a very wide temperature range, making the receiver perfectly suited to the rough environmental conditions found in field production.

DSP compatibility modes allow the receiver to be used with a variety of Lectrosonics systems, other brands of wireless systems and with Lectrosonics IFB transmitters.

SuperSlot ready for the Sound Devices SL6


  • 1 - Adjustment Tool (Part# 35679)
  • 2 - Antennas (Part #AMJ-XX)
  • 1 - Quickstart Guide

CAMERAS Compatibles


All current Ikegami camcorders with Uni-Slot receiver mounts are dual-channel capable in the slot with a simple switch activation on the UI board, including models:

  • HDS-V10
  • HDN-X10
  • DNS-33W

Contact engineering at Ikegami for details:
e-mail: engineering@ikegami.com
phone: (201) 368-9171


SR Compatibility with Panasonic Professional Camcorders:

Cameras currently shipping with the two-channel* audio operation within the receiver slot (Unislot) with the SR/SRa Receivers. If you have an older version of these cameras,
you may need a firmware upgrade available from Panasonic.

  • AG-HPX300
  • AJ-HPX2000
  • AJ-HPX2100
  • AJ-HPX2700
  • AJ-HPX3000
  • AJ-HPX3700

*Note: SRc, Src5P, SRb, SRb5p, SR, SRa, SR5P and SRa5P Receivers all operate in diversity mode in either single or dual-channel modes.

Cameras requiring SRa5P Receiver and external audio inputs for two channel operation.

  • AG-HPX500
  • AG-HDX900
  • AJ-SPX900/800
  • AJ-SPC700

Information Provided By Panasonic Japan